TO DO LIST : add a music player        ....        get the digital figure shelf going        ....        add my digital plushy pile        ....        actually add a chatbox        ....        actually finish the website        ....        and so much more ...

hay ! i ' m not really sure what to put here , but ... hii ... hope you like my site .

i ' m taro . i made this site cause i was bored as shit and i need a project to work on or i ' ll lose my mind . also i wanna get better at html .

and ... cause i hate carrd , i thougth this would be a good , less restrictive alternative .

you can learn more about me by clicking ' MEET THE WEBMASTER ' on the left of the screen !

have fun looking at my broken ass site while i try to fix all the fuck ups i made

also say hi to all the little rantaros on the page

taro pixel 2
taro pixel 2 taro pixel 2