GO BACK . bitch

heyyy welcome to the second page of my about since i guess one page just wasnt enough for you!
im evan ... i like long walks on the beach ... and opioids

no but really what the fuck am i supposed to put here

heres some stuff you should know before talking to me -

i talk in all caps most of the time so if you dont like that then feel free to send me threats in my dms

i also dont use tone tags, and i would prefer if people dont use them toward me

the best way to describe me would be ' socially inept ' so keep that in mind before you try to dox my dog because i act different

also i keysmash a lot and my keysmashes can be long as hell . if i keysmash around you a lot that means you are funny . teehee

i tend not to give out too much information about myself online. if i just met you, dont start asking me about my race and family and shit its fucking weird

if anyone needs to contact me, the best way to do it would be to ask for my discord through my guestbook or my chatbox. id just put my tag here but i change it so often it would be pointless
okay bye